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2 years ago

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Hi had to say what happened on our trip we used to go to the beach every day, we had a good place, pichunters it was nice and quiet and the woman told me give me a straw and blow, but it is around so hot it was outside with the other for a couple of times we've almost made ​​me hotter than I wanted to not stop when someone came, but she refused, then two days before leaving it she was sucking and saw this man in the dunes of the woman who stood before me and I could not see him on leave while he was there and looked at us and masturbating when I came in her mouth and lay back, looked pichunters to see what I had to take a smile and the boy told us that a wave pichunters and left, she said he was there again and I do not tell me to stop it was too far gone to stop, was the next day and told me that the last when the kids I want to become, like giving a pichunters show yesterday and said they want to see us, as I said I want to was I felt between her legs and she was all wet again i was always hot and always wanted to be introduced. More than an hour later I saw him in the dunes, but said nothing and just started with tits and Lynn tell you when he said : ok, but if you say you do not know what is coming I almost came as she said I said ok I'll be nice and cool before being put in order and pichunters spread her legs and began to finger the clitoris and said I bet you never see on your feet that she was there with his eyes closed and open moaning and it was so hot so I opened her legs and knelt beside her and said, ok I suck because you're seeing there now, I had to ask once again addressed him as one, professional and started playing with her clit while pichunters I sucked I had to look and see if pichunters it was there and saw that he had joined to buy another type that could no longer hold as the mountains, and out of his mouthand wine in the face and started running and I sat there and watched the two guys look at my wife with her fingers in her pussy and I love to masturbate, I said I had two boys to see not one, said he did not believed to be up and saw the two guys cocks waved and said, better if they went out, and we did. is This evening we had the best sex and stopped talking about it and what I saw, was all that worked for us that next time I have had with us, they said no way, is the last but she said the last time before it gets cold, so I'll keep my fingers crossed

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